Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cupcake decorating class...

I'm trying new things while the kids are in barnehage.  There is a group here in Stavanger that plans activities to do during the week days…its name currently is - People Who Connect, formally called the Petroleum Wives Club.  Last monday, they offered a cupcake decorating class and I signed up.  I have attempted cupcakes before but only doing the swirl, which I usually have issues with getting it even on all sides.  We went to a bakery called Slikkepotten Kakebutikk (translated: Spatula Cake Shop).  There were ten ladies who were attending the class.

The cake shop had pre-made the chocolate cupcakes and the chocolate icing.  Katrine was our instructor and she demonstrated several ways to apply icing to the cupcake.  She made it look super easy, then she demonstrated how to make the pretty little flowers using marzipan (fondant in the USA) with food coloring and other decorations.  Then they gave us a very valuable tip on how to flour the table/cooking surface without making a HUGE mess, by filling a "knee high hosiery" with flour and patting the surface.  Its brilliant and so worth the cost of the class.

Then it was our turn to do the work.  The bags of icing were already on the table ready for us to use… I liked making the swirls and for once in my life I made decent cupcake topping.
The closest one I'm pleased with but the one in the background not so much...
My friend, Becky, decorating her cupcakes. 

They aren't the best looking cupcakes but better than I could do before the class.  The lower left was rushed because we ran out of time.

It was a good class, its always fun learning something new.  The best part was eating these cupcakes and not having to clean the kitchen. :-)