Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1st Photowalk - Orre Strand (February 8, 2014)

Before moving to Norway, I joined few Facebook expat groups for the Stavanger area.  One of them was a photography group.  I have a good camera and over the past few years I’ve been learning with it.  Someone suggested to do a photo walk on the beach.  I thought it would be fun to meet some new people, I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how “professional” these photographers were.  I asked a friend  (who is a professional photographer) if these meet-ups were only for professional and luckily she said no they are all levels and are super nice people.  So I signed up.  The walk was taking place about 30 minutes south of Stavagner at a beach, but we planned to meet up at the train station then caravan out to the location.

Jan had mentioned to me the day before, its suppose to rain.  Well, I live in Stavanger now, the first month and a half it rained everyday.  I took along my winter rain clothes, and a cover for my camera…we drive down south get to the location and its WINDY and raining.  So its almost raining horizontal…but we go out anyway to do our photo walk.

Photo by:Neil Friestad
Photo by:Neil Friestad
 We went to Orre Beach,  there were about 8-10 people both men & women.  We walked out on a path to the beach.  WOW, windy, did I say windy.  The rain felt like little pellets hitting me. Thankfully, I came prepared, I had 4 layers on top and 3 layers on my bottom, with a fleece neck gator and a wool hat under my jacket hood with a pair of gloves.  And my boots, I so love my boots,  Nike winter boots with a fleece liner and they are waterproof.  (I wish Nike still make them because they have been my favorite pair so far this winter) with a pair of thick wools socks. 

The following photos are of me on the photo walk…taken by Neil Friestad
Waterproof jacket needed


So we start walking and taking photos along the beach.  Some had fancy cameras with huge lens, others had tripods, some had multiple cameras.  We walked at our own pace along the beach.  It was yucky out but some of the photos that were taken were AMAZING.  I had a few that could possibly be print worthy ;-).  

I really enjoyed my time out on the photowalk. The people were so nice even though we couldn’t talk much do to the less than ideal weather conditions. 

We spent over an hour taking photos then it was time to walk back to the cars.  I had  no idea we had walked so far…it probably felt farther on the way back since we were walking directly into the wind and rain. 

I’m looking forward to the next photowalk.  J

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