Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Picnic with Rebecca (February 2, 1014)

One of the last few days Rebecca and I had together before she started BHG we went on a picnic.  It was a beautiful sunny day…windy.  We dropped Marcus off at BHG then we went back home.  We prepared a couple sandwiches and grabbed our backpacks and off we went.  For clarification, we walked.

There is a small sheep field (also known as the Iron-Age Farm)about ½ -3/4mile from our house.    Rebecca requested that I pull out the stroller and I told her no we were walking.  She was a bit slow at times but we made it to the field. 

We ate our lunches then walked to the top of the hill.  We could see the fjord and it was beautiful with the rolling hills around us.  Have I mentioned how beautiful this country is???
This is the top of the hill…such beautiful views

The sun was out but very windy on the top of the hill
We walked around and saw the sheep.  I always thought seeing the cartoon with the big fluffy sheep with the teeny tiny legs was fictitious.  Not at all..Ive seen sheep at the county fairs and such but I don’t think any have had these massive coats of wool.

Then it was time for the walk back home.  Yes, she walked the entire way.  It was slow at times but she did it.