Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jan's Bicycle race ~ Garborgriket Rundt Rittet (May 18, 2014)

This area has a lot of nature to explore.  Hiking, walking, running, cycling, skiing, roller skiing (not sure what the correct term is), kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, stand-up paddling, sailing…seriously this is an outdoors person's paradise.  Its just a little on the chilly side at times.

A few weeks ago, Jan participated in the Garborgriket Rundt Rittet mountain bike race, which was both roads & trails.  It was 82km (approx.  50 miles)  The race started and finished in the town of Bryne which is about 25min away.  Jan drove down earlier in the day, then the kids and I drove down to watch him finish the race.  Lucky for me, Jan has a new Garmin which allows him to send me a link so I can track him.  I wasn't sure where we would be able to park so we had to leave on time.  If you know me, that is hard to do alone and with two kids its next to impossible.  But I checked out the link before we left and we had plenty of time…I hoped.  

We made it to Bryne in plenty of time and found a great parking area.  I unloaded the double BOB stroller, re-attached the front wheel (not enough room in my car for it to remain in tact, not a big deal, I had to remove it in my SUV in Houston too).  Got the kids out of their car seats, loaded up the stroller, backpack, signs.  

The finish line...
We walked to the finish line to see how many people were there.  It was a bit crowded so we walked back towards our car and found a good spot.  We were hoping that Jan would be able to see us.  We had our signs… Go Jan with a Norwegian flag and "Go faster Daddy," which we have had for a few years...several marathons, half marathons, and triathlons.  I brought 2 whistles for the kids to use.


The kids are having a great time, yelling Heie, Heie, Heie.  Holding up their signs and blowing their whistles.  We started getting a few looks and one lady moved further down the street.  Yes we were loud Americans, well I'm American and the kids are half so there is another whole one ;-).  So I told the little cheerleaders we need to move.  We found a great spot, no one around us on our side of the street.  It was just past where the riders were coming out of the woods making their way onto the paved street.  It was great, there was a little ramp up to a building where the kids could run around without bothering anyone else.  They blew their whistles and yelled, holding their signs looking for Daddy.

I was constantly tracking Jan.  The kids were getting restless, so I told them they could play in the grassy area just behind us.  I told them Daddy would be here in about 5 minutes.  The next thing I see is a huge group and I see Jan's helmet and his jersey. Opps I was wrong, there was a huge delay on the tracking link I was using because he was in a wooded area.   I scream his name out, but he looked the other direction.  So all that and he didn't even see his cheering section.  

I told Rebecca & Marcus to get in the stroller, we needed to go to the finish line.  They hopped  in the stroller an away we went.  We found Jan in the finish area.  He had found his friend Lars who had been cycling with him for the majority of the race.  We chatted for a few minutes then we all made our way to the "festival" area.  The contestants had a food tent they could go into which after being on a bike for a few hours they needed to eat.   I had packed a lunch for the kids so we had a little picnic while we waited on Jan.
Our little picnic - Strawberries were dessert 
It was a fun afternoon and it was  beautiful day.  

I'm still trying to figure out this format with the photos and such…so bare with me on the placement of the photos.  Also I couldn't add captions because then it would really mess up the layout